A few words about us

Greek Vapers’ Club is a non-profit consumer association founded in late 2016, in order to make the Greek vaper’s voice be heard in Greece and abroad.
It was born out of the vapers’ necessity to be informed of the government’s legislative stance on vaping, to spread harm reduction information to smokers and to the public in general, to have a say on issues about vaping, to ask – and suggest – solutions that cater to the vapers’ needs.

Greek Vapers’ Club is the representative of the Greek vapers, promoting vaping interests in the State, Legislation, the Media and general public perception.


Greek Vapers’ Club is what YOU make it be!

Our Goals

  • To represent vapers’ interests against any opposing government bodies
  • To inform vapers on technical, legislative, social and scientific news regarding Vaping
  • To inform public opinion about what Vaping is
  • To participate in international Vaping Unions and Communities
  • To pressure the government and the scientific community to advance research on Vaping
  • To propagate vaping as a safer alternative nicotine delivery system for adult smokers

Our Board

  • Manolis Souvatzis (President)
  • Spyros Tsimouris (Vice President)
  • Ioannis Hazakis (Secretary)
  • George Assimakopoulos (Treasurer)
  • Nikos Sarakenidis (Advisor)

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